ACOEM Practice Guidelines


MDGuidelines™ now available with ACOEM Practice Guidelines and ICD-9 crosswalks

MDGuidelines™ combined with ACOEM Practice Guidelines provides an integrated way to access the world’s leading treatment and return-to-work guidelines in a single intuitive user interface. Crosswalk data files include every permutation including state variations allow true access to recommendation detail, not just color coded status.

For over 30 years, MDGuidelines has been the industry’s trusted source of information, taking the difficulty and uncertainty out of case review and evaluation. Combined with ACOEM Practice Guidelines and ICD-9 crosswalks, users can combine diagnosis and procedure codes to make quick, fair evaluations of cases. Predictive modeling capabilities make these guidelines an indispensable tool.

A robust tool data set for managing disabilities including definitions, diagnosis and prognosis, rehabilitation, disability durations, and restrictions and accommodations for over 1,300 of the top disabling conditions.

  • The deepest and highest quality data
  • The most reliable disability durations
  • Superior user interface for administrative savings
  • Consistent and defendable return-to-work recommendations

MDGuidelines™ also is available to software providers and content aggregators in an easy-to-integrate XML-based web services format. With web services, customers are able to seamlessly integrate the most recently updated versions of disability durations, predictive recommendations, and referential content into the workflow of their end-users.