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Powerful analytical support at your fingertips.


Enterprise reporting

The Enterprise Reporting module provides interactive dashboards and ad-hoc report creation as well as both flexible and standard reports. It offers tangible answers to assist clients in making informed business decisions.

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Dashboards provide a graphical representation of the key metrics and performance indicators needed to manage a successful bill review operation. All dashboards allow you to quickly and easily select and filter the content displayed and drill down to any level of your organization’s account structure. StrataCare Enterprise Reporting currently offers three standard dashboards: Real-Time Operations, Operations and PPO Dashboard.

Ad hoc reports

The ad-hoc reporting tool is used to develop and deploy custom reports specific to each client’s unique needs. Using a series of drag and drop field selections and standard and user defined filters, our clients can create reports using almost any data item from the bill, service line or claim.

Standard reports

Many information requirements are still quickly and easily met with the system’s predefined reports. There are over 50 savings, operational and financial reports included.


Data analytics


PPO optimization

The PPO Optimizer is a tool unique to StrataCare. Driven by a substantial database of historical artifacts, this tool allows you to model different network configurations to determine the optimal configuration for both network penetration and savings.

Network leakage management

With payers increasingly recognizing the benefits of using specialty networks, the ability to maximize the use of these networks through effective channeling has become a greater need. Our analysis tool allows you to track leakage for any major network utilized, as well as to track combinations of networks down to the individual adjuster and bill level.

Alert notification system

The Alert Notification System can support actionable trend analysis by providing automatic performance alerts based upon set thresholds for a number of operational and financial metrics. By using the Alert Notifications you will detect important developments and events that help drive your focus and attention.


Validation and modeling tools



CONNECT™ is a robust provider measurement tool. It identifies best-in-class workers’ compensation providers and specialists who consistently demonstrate outstanding return to work outcomes.

To identify top-performing medical practitioners, CONNECT™ systematically profiles all medical providers in its database. With CONNECT™, workers’ compensation payors have access to high quality physicians who deliver superior outcomes in quality of care, service expediency and cost containment.

Workflow management tool

SCORE™, StrataCare’s workflow management tool, accurately and precisely projects claim progression so that resources are strategically and proactively applied to at-risk claims. It is used to assess the risk per claim on a predetermined scale by analyzing historical and current claim data.

With SCORE™, StrataCare identifies the financial risk associated with each claim allowing you to strategically apply resources so that each claim receives the correct intervention required to optimize results. SCORE ™utilizes employer-specific historical data to develop the predictive model, and then prospectively develops the history on a claim to continually “score” it, adjusting for changes emerging on each claim. SCORE™ utilizes more than 36 variables that result in a decillion combinations when assessing the financial risk on each claim.

Process management

Leverage our sales engineers experience with process management to get the most out of your bill review. Our well-honed approaches are based upon tremendous knowledge of bill review and a diverse experience in adapting StrataWare into numerous client’s unique workflow. Our Sales Engineers bring extensive bill review, claims, and operations experience to assist in your analysis to get the optimal outcomes through improved efficiency gains, greater financial controls, and boosts in productivity.

Through discovery sessions with our team you will discover savings and efficiency opportunities you hadn’t thought possible. At the onset of implementation, you will have a best practices model unique to your organization designed by StrataCare professionals.

The opportunities for insightful analysis and actionable understanding increases dramatically by choosing StrataCare as your bill review partner.


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