Compliance Library


A continuously updated online resource for bill review compliance at your fingertips.

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The Compliance Library is an interactive web-based repository of regulatory rules and jurisdiction-based information for workers’ compensation.

The application serves as a feature-rich resource for state administrative activity, industry updates, and other content which supports medical bill review determinations.

The Compliance Library is comprised of substantial information, including state regulations, fee schedule administration, Medicare methodology, UCR alternative reimbursements, and bill review rules. This content can be directly accessed within StrataWare.

Strategically placed icon links – integrated into AdjusterPortal, reconsideration, bill entry and viewing modules precisely retrieve specific topics describing the applicable rules utilized in adjudicating a bill at the line level. This on-demand access to content provides immediate visibility to the regulatory requirements affecting bill review results and gives the user relevant regulatory information for easily making adjustments or handling reconsiderations.

Accessing the Compliance Library is not limited to StrataWare users – and serves as a standalone resource to research state administrative activity, industry events and updates, and jurisdiction specific bill review content. Additionally, timely updates keep users current on industry activity using automated alert and notification delivery, as well as prominently displayed new and recently published written materials.


Some Compliance Library features:


  • Integration with StrataWare modules
    • Instant links to bill review outcomes that provide insight when responding to inquiries.
    • On demand regulatory information prior to adjusting or reconsidering bills to make informed decisions.
    • Dual access for StrataWare clients using the same login credentials to access the Compliance Library as a standalone resource.
  • Notifications and alerts
    • Subscription based notifications to remain current with your business.
    • User activated alerts for each piece of content to keep abreast of content changes.
    • Automated and user controlled email delivery of select content.
  • Export upcoming events to Outlook Calendars with the click of a button.
  • Time saving scalable search results by user selection of state, time-frame, or classification.
  • Access to StrataWare’s bill review rules that provide rule guidance, state citations and source information.

Don’t take our word for it –  see the compliance library in action for yourself. You’ll recognize the huge impact it can have on your team’s efficiency and accuracy.

Contact us for a demo of  the Compliance Library and learn how it can increase the efficiency and accuracy of your business. Also see the Compliance Library (PDF)