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Dedicated to the highest level of compliance in everything we do.

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StrataCare’s clients trust our compliance team completely.

We have the most competent group of compliance experts in the business. They continually anticipate
and identify nuances in complex regulatory rules and fee schedules to influence the bill review
accuracy and precision of StrataWare every day.

Timely, accurate and complete compliance rules – are the heart of StrataCare’s medical bill review platform,
that’s why we have made the industry’s most substantial investment in subject matter experts and automation.

StrataCare’s clients trust our compliance team for several good reasons.

  • Frequent fee schedule updates – ensure accuracy, compliance, and smooth bill review processing. We update StrataWare as frequently as nightly with updates from all States, CMS, OWCP, and vendor data and repricing sources.
  • Lower reconsideration rates – with repricing accuracy and an exceptional level of regulatory compliance. Our compliance authority gives you precise bill adjudication while dramatically cutting provider friction through lower reconsideration rates and fully auditable results with StrataCare’s online Compliance Library.
  • Achieve state mandated and medical data call reporting precision – with the support from our Service team who consistently achieve high reporting accuracy and timeliness. Avoid unwanted fines and unnecessary rework by using our reporting services.
  • Integrated Compliance Library resource – provides a truly innovative workers’ compensation compliance tool offering a collection of state and industry resources, with current and upcoming change alerts. The Compliance Library allows directly linked access from bill review to see precisely how application rules and fee schedules are applied within StrataWare.

Adherence to the highest standards of compliance – is why so many client partners, large and small, remain loyal to StrataCare for well over a decade. Discover how you can achieve this same level of accuracy in your business.

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