Implementation Proven Implementation and Integration Process


Successful software implementations don’t happen by accident. They’re the result of planning, experience, hard work and know how.

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“StrataCare’s consultative approach and experience implementing a customized bill review program guarantees a smooth implementation.”

– Jonnette Miller, Director of Project Management Office

The implementation management plan follows Project Management Methodologies thus providing discipline, structure, monitoring and predictability to the process. Our use of the latest techniques and software tools mitigates your risk and ensures your project success.


Some of the key differentiators of our implementation approach follow:

  • Project Management Professional (PMP) certified project managers will follow a successful Project Management methodology, which leverages experience from previous projects. We have successfully implemented many of the top insurance carriers, TPAs, managed care organizations and public entities nationwide.
  • A complete workflow analysis may be completed at the onset to help understand the client’s needs, user behaviors, program goals, and interactions with internal and external entities.
  • We undergo a comprehensive process to help develop the client requirement documentation and functional specifications. Our disciplined focus on planning ensures higher project quality and predictability in delivering the StrataWare application and bill review services.
  • The support of a dedicated project team which is comprised of cross functional areas including Project Management, Account Management, Product Management and subject matter experts with a track record of implementation success. The Project Manager will continuously monitor schedules and resources to ensure that deliverables are consistent with the client’s time and quality objectives.

Our goal of any implementation is provide our clients peace of mind and the best possible project outcomes.

We have a proven track record of implementation success with some of the largest and most complex bill review operations in the workers’ compensation industry.

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