Bill Review Services Service Center Expertise using StrataWare Medical Bill Review Software


Premier outsourced bill review services leveraging the power of StrataWare

Shiela-and-crew-operations442.4xWith StrataCare, you have access to the Bill Review expertise, software development resources, and customer service by the same people that created StrataWare.

This assures that your bill review processing is optimized with the latest software enhancements and most up-to-date fee schedules for unparalleled accuracy and maximum savings.

StrataCare’s experts provide both full service operations and overflow support or high-level specialty review as needed. Our efficiency, accuracy and operational controls are second to none.


 “Combining leading bill review technology with highly trained specialists gives our outsourced bill review customers a competitive edge.”

-Sheila Garcia, V.P. Operations

  • StrataCare’s outsourced services – are complimented by a wide range of online tools and features that allow collaboration and integration across solutions. AdjusterPortal gives adjusters secured access to approve, deny, review, and apply decisions to bills on a pre or post bill review basis.
  • CareControl integrates UR treatment plans with bill review – so that instructions and approvals are automatically applied and shared with the bill review specialists. PathWays allows the automation and customization of client-specific rules, protocols, and workflows. PPO penetration is consistently improved through superior network partnerships and analytical tools to measure improved network penetration.
  • Full-service outsourced bill review – using the power of StrataWare, in the hands of StrataCare’s expert staff, has set the standard for high-performance outsourced bill review.  Our speed, efficiency and accuracy offer maximum net savings with the lowest reconsideration rates in the business.

StrataCare’s outsourced services allows you to:

  • Improve financial control  – to maximize savings and increase profitability.
  • Assure consistent quality – while maintaining compliance.
  • Simplify your operations – by utilizing StrataCare’s expertise.


Outsource your bill review overflow – for workforce balancing and contingency planning. Control spikes in bill volume, sluggish turn-around rates or overtime expenses with selective outsourcing to StrataCare. Our experts can enhance your current bill review operations or offset the capabilities of your own service bureau. We can immediately increase your throughput, without the time and expense associated with hiring, training and managing a new, inexperienced staff.

Outsource your complex medical bills – to augment your existing bill review process. Hospital, surgical, and other complex large dollar bills have extraordinary potential for substantial discounts due to their intricacies and complexities. By utilizing our specialists to process these unique bills, you will realize additional savings and control costs.

The added service of our Nurse Audit review – offers the highest level of experience and expertise. Our professional nurse review team will check for accuracy, diagnosis and treatment consistency, unbundling of services, coding errors, and time and quantity matching.

StrataCare offers a flexible and comprehensive outsourced bill review service bureau that leverages the best of StrataWare experience and expertise.

Contact us to learn how we can immediately impact the way you currently handle your bill review processing.