Reporting Mandated reporting compliance


We confidently handle state mandated and medical data call reporting requirements for our clients every day.


StrataCare’s service team provides reporting advantages and the highest accuracy for our clients.

Our reporting solutions – offer a consistently high degree of reporting accuracy that serves to alleviate any concerns related to data accuracy or delay. StrataCare’s reporting team regularly receives superior scores on state provided scorecards and internally derived metrics for mandated medical reports.

Full-time in-house reporting and compliance experts – ensure accuracy through their thorough understanding of medical data reporting needs. This experienced team works diligently to analyze, plan, execute, and deliver the mandated reporting needs of our customers.

Front end data collection techniques – ensure state-specific and other required data elements are captured upon bill entry. Required data elements that are not available from the bill will be systematically retrieved from claim, provider demographics and/or provider payment files via EDI for use in the reporting transaction.

Powerful report generation capabilities – are built into StrataWare to support state reporting and medical data call requirements.


State Reporting

  • StrataCare is a Certified Submitter in all States that require certification
  • Electronic Data Interface (EDI) – Online State Reporting bill status screen for review of any bill with incorrect or missing required data elements for simple, rapid correction prior to submission to each state

Data Call Reporting

  • StrataCare is a Certified Submitter for all NCCI States, supports California WCIRB, and data call for non-NCCI states
  • Product includes submission of the required data file or delivery of a self-service ‘NCCI ready’ data feed
  • Quarterly or Monthly file submission options are available

Learn how easy it is to have StrataCare handle your statutory reporting requirements, so that you don’t have the worry or the work.

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